Who is Shine?

Domestic abuse is the hidden epidemic of New Zealand.

Every 3.5 minutes the NZ Police attend a domestic abuse callout

1 in 3 women will be physically or sexually abused by an intimate partner in her lifetime

1 child is killed by a family member every 5.5 weeks

1 woman is killed by a family member every 3.5 weeks

Shine was founded in 1990, and we’ve been working since then to make NZ homes violence-free. We are a leading New Zealand specialist domestic violence charity.

We offer a range of integrated services that help adult and child victims get safe and stay safe and motivate and support men who have used abuse to change. We also deliver a range of training and education programmes as well as our DVFREE workplace programme.

We work in partnership with many organisations, from the NZ Police and Oranga Tamariki to District Health Boards and other healthcare providers to corporates and community groups.

Currently, we only have the resources to help a fraction of the victims who need our help. With your help through Light It Orange, we can raise the funds we so desperately need to ensure that all victims of domestic abuse are able to have the help that they need to get safe and stay safe.

For more info, please visit the Shine website.