Shine Services

Every year, Shine directly helps thousands of adult and child victims of domestic abuse to be safer, and we motivate hundreds of men that hurt their families to change their behaviour. We help thousands more by supporting and training other professionals to effectively intervene and support victims of domestic abuse.

Shine services provide help for:

Victims of domestic abuse, with these services:

  • Free national Helpline 0508-744-633) | Read More
  • Shine crisis advocacy (safety planning and advocacy with victims referred by Police, Child Youth & Family, hospitals, etc.)  |  Read more
  • Women’s refuges  |  Read more

Children exposed to domestic abuse to stay safe and heal through KIDshine | Read more

Men who've used abuse and violence to change through No Excuses | Read more

We also raise awareness, train and educate about domestic violence and help others to provide more effective support for victims of domestic violence through:

Training for professionals and the community, to help them respond safely and effectively to domestic abuse | Read more.

DVFREE, to help employers create workplaces that are safe and supportive for staff experiencing domestic abuse | Read more.

Shine in School, educating young people to be champions of change and promoting safe, healthy relationships | Read more.

“The support we got from Shine felt like being airlifted to safety. Shine's help affected us in many positive ways – we regained our peace-of-mind, felt secure, and started to feel much safer while asleep at night.”