Shine Women's Refuges

Shine operates two women’s refuges in Auckland, offering short-term accommodation for women and their children who are at risk of further harm from domestic abuse. Having two refuges means that Shine is now able to provide access to refuge at most times of day and night, including on weekends. 

Shine's refuges are at confidential addresses, and offer warmth, shelter, safety, food and clothing, and a supportive environment for families. Staff can provide residents with practical information and support in terms of helping them to access Work and Income benefits, support groups, counseling, housing, and lawyers. But what many refuge residents find most helpful is the emotional support they get from our caring staff.

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Read this if you need safe, short term accommodation and are considering staying in a women’s refuge

Transitional Housing

Shine offers supported rental housing for families who are ready to leave the refuge, but need some additional support to help them become fully independent. Our two transition houses each accommodate one family, and are both in Auckland in an area near to schools and shops, where single mothers with young children are close to the amenities they need.

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