How to Maximise
Your Fundraising Page

Setting Up Your  Page

By having an everydayhero page supporting your fundraiser, you can reach friends, family, colleagues, etc. all over the world and encourage them to get involved. They can sponsor your fundraising efforts in challenge, make a donation to attend your event (or donate if they can’t make it) or run their own fundraising event to help your efforts.

Below are a few tips that research has shown will help you maximise your online fundraiser:

  • Don’t set your target too low – if people think it will be easy for you to reach your target,
    they may not donate as much
  • Do include a photo of yourself or something special to you that your friends, family & work mates can relate to.
  • Make ‘your story’ personal. Tell people why you feel passionate about raising funds for Shine. The impact your fundraising and their support will have.
  • Tell them what you are aiming to achieve and what their donation will support ie:
    • $28 can support two calls to Shine’s Helpline for support, advice, and safety planning.
    • $56 can help a man start his journey towards a life without violence
    • $75 can fund an advocate’s urgent callout to a victim’s home after an arrest.
    • $175 can pay for a KIDshine first home visit, to help children with safety planning.
    • $1,500 can fund intensive support for a victim (and children) at high risk of serious injury.
  • Make the first donation yourself, or ask generous friends to make the first donation that will set a benchmark for donations that follow.
  • Send your fundraising page out to your contacts through facebook, twitter, email etc encouraging them to support your fundraiser and to spread the word to get their networks to support your fundraiser
  • Thank your donors on your fundraising page – let them know they are appreciated.
  • Keep a blog on your fundraising page, update your supporters, or those yet to support, on your fundraising and training progress.
  • Post photos, updates, keep your page fresh.
  • Don’t be afraid to send reminders out to those who have responded to previous requests.

“The support we got from Shine felt like being airlifted to safety. Shine's help affected us in many positive ways – we regained our peace-of-mind, felt secure, and started to feel much safer while asleep at night.”