GM Jane Drumm semi-retires

GM Jane Drumm semi-retires

Shine’s General Manager Jane Drumm is semi-retiring and stepping back from her GM role on 6 December. After a well-earned break over Christmas and into the New Year, Jane will continue to work with Shine on a flexible basis doing specific projects and advisory work.

In 22 years under Jane’s leadership, Shine grew from four staff and a budget of $180,000 to a national organisation with more than thirty staff and a budget of more than $3 million. Jane undertook two major overseas study trips to look at what is working to stop domestic abuse in the United Kingdom, which was under a Winston Churchill Fellowship, and in North America. Using what she learned overseas, Jane initiated a number of Shine’s innovative and unique services. In 2018, Jane was appointed a Companion of the Queen's Service Order for services to victims of domestic violence.

Here are a few things that her colleagues have to say about her:

“I love working with Jane Drumm, who is a most extraordinary, creative, intelligent, kind, crazy, hilarious person. She has had a profound influence on the domestic violence field in New Zealand by reading widely, thinking deeply, applying her knowledge, developing ideas, and being determined to help people to live safer lives.” 

- Jill Proudfoot

“To me, Jane is a ‘visionary’. She is a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. Even more important to me is that she has a big heart and really deeply cares about people at Shine and people we support in the community. On a personal level, over the nearly 20 years that I’ve worked with Jane at Shine, she has always been there for me when I needed her support and aroha.” 


- Holly Carrington

Shine’s more than 50 staff and volunteers will carry this critical work forward. Sally Ward, Senior Manager Education and Training, will be stepping up as the Interim General Manager of Shine.

“After doing this course, I will now risk-assess victims, but also sow seeds to assist them to get stronger.” Shine Training participant

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