Stop normalising violence against women

Stop normalising violence against women

Recent comments by Australian commentator Alan Jones that Scott Morrison when meeting PM Jacinda Ardern should 'shove a sock down her throat' and get tough 'with a few backhanders' help to reinforce a culture where violence against women is trivialised. 

Sally Ward, Senior Manager Training & Education at Shine, spoke to the Guardian UK saying 'Jones’s comments normalised the idea that women should be silenced through physical punishment, and insinuated that women have no right to hold or voice opinions, particularly from positions of authority.

“His comments are socially very dangerous and feed into norms that accept that women should be silenced... Normalising [unequal] power relationships on air only makes it easier for women to accept abuse, physical or verbal, as normal, and makes it socially and culturally easier for men to justify them. From there physical and verbal violence is a short step away.”'

For full story: Guardian UK, August 2019

“Since I came to Shine's refuge I felt safe. The staff members are very welcoming and supportive. I know I have a place where I can feel safe and call home. The staff at Shine always help me with the things I need. They are amazing. THANK YOU. ” a Shine refuge client