The hidden epidemic

The hidden epidemic

While reported crime overall was down during the Covid-19 lockdown, Shine and other agencies supporting family violence victims saw an escalation in high risk incidents. Shine policy advisor Holly Carrington told Stuff the lockdown had exacerbated feelings of entrapment.

Coronavirus: Death of Auckland baby sheds light on unreported violence during Covid-19 lockdown, Stuff, May 2020

Holly Carrington also spoke with Stuff about Shine's It isn't Always Obvious campaign and how friends and family can spot the subtle signs of abuse in a loved one's relationship.

Domestic violence: How to spot the signs of an abusive relationship, Stuff, June 2020 

“If I had taken up the course sooner, I would not have ended up in my current situation. This programme has changed my perspective towards domestic violence.” No Excuses participant

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